Hints, tips & tricks for choosing your wedding music

We know how daunting it can be when it comes to choosing the music for your special day, so here’s our hint’s and tips for helping you pick the right playlist.

Consider the mood and atmosphere you want to create, whether that be lively or chilled and start from there. As your guests are most likely going to range from little ones to grandparents you want to choose something that will sit well with everyone.

Start with your timeline, the first guest that walks through the door to the last guest that stumbles out in the early hours of the following morning. We suggest something nice and subdued for the arrival of your friends and family, The Kedleston is already such a warm, relaxed and homely environment, singer-songwriters such as Matt Corby help set the mood and fit in so well with the feel of our house.

Now the first moment your guests walk into our gorgeous Orangery to sit and wait for the brides’ arrival is imperative, we suggest creating a half hour playlist which can be on during this time, it’s a happy moment! Avoid the teary songs! Get your guests feeling excited in anticipation of seeing the bride.

When it comes to the aisle song you may instantly know what you want to walk down to or see your beautiful bride enter to. Something memorable – your favourite song, the one that was playing when you first met or even the one you both tap your feet to when it comes on in the car. The classics always work, Bob Marley – Is This Love, Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling in Love & The Beetles – Here Comes The Sun. Consider the lyrics, Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One sounds beautiful but the meaning not so much. Even think about the timings, if there’s a moment in the song that brings tears to your eyes, find the time, make note of it and let your planner know when it is you want to walk down, that way you can organise who’s going down the aisle first, at what queue and how slowly they need to walk in order for you to enter at the perfect moment.

Next up in your ceremony is the signing of the registrar, usually this takes around 10/15 minutes where you sit at the table at the front of the ceremony room, sign the registrar and have photos taken. We’d suggest doing 3 or 4 songs to play subtly in the background to help eliminate any awkward silences!

Finally your exit song, again, pick something lively and upbeat, a memorable song to start your married life together.  If you’re considering live music, ask what songs they can do, send over your favourites or your chosen songs with plenty of time for them to learn them, be comfortable performing them and give you enough time to come up with alternatives just encase!

For your sit down meal firstly figure out how long you’ll be sat down for up until the speeches, speak to your planner who can advise you. Usually a sit down meal can take anywhere between an hour and a half all the way up to three hours, it depends on how many courses, how many guests and what kind of food you’re serving which can all have an impact on the style of music you go for. Don’t forget, it’s your day, choose songs that make you feel good!

Now for the all-important boogie and first dance. You might already know what you want your first dance as a married couple to be; you’ve probably had it in your head since you first heard it. If so, fab! Make sure to let your planner and DJ or Band know in plenty of time, if it’s a different version to the usual send them a link or let them know the details. If you’re not too sure, ask around, find out what your parents or grandparents had for theirs, keep an ear out for any that pop up on the radio, stations such as Smooth often play wonderful love songs that tend to help sway your decision.

When it comes to the evening reception you want a playlist that will ensure the dance floor is always full, mix it up, pick the classic 80’s and a few modern boogies, that way, you’re covering all bases! Consider popping a section on your RSVP’s and let guests write down a request for you to pass on to the DJ, of course, with you closely monitoring the songs – Cha Cha Slide anyone?

We hope this helps! Good luck x


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